Emax AVAN-S 5075 5x7.5 5 Inch 2-Blade Props for RS2306 and RS2205 Motors- 10 Pairs

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The latest from Emax taking the most important aspect of drone performance and redesigned it from the ground up. What can only be described as "riding on rails", the Avan series boasts a unique airfoil, based on advanced ratio hydronamics, engineered to maximize the efficiency and speed of 2306 motors.

The Avan S is geared towards those needing to show who's the top pilot around. Sporting 2 blades and a unique airfoil to maximize the top end of a motor.


  •  2 Blade
  •  5 Inch Blade
  •  High grade poly carbonate 
  •  .75 Aspect Ratio
  •  Exclusive locking design in propeller hub to match RS2306 and RS2205
  • 10 CW propellers
  • 10 CCW propellers


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